The Nevada City Farmers Market Association, NCFMA, allows non-profit organizations and community information groups to have booth space at the Market at no cost. For questions, contact the Market Manager at

Each group is allowed to come on a space available basis. All non-profit groups must provide the Manager with satisfactory proof of the organization’s non-profit status and of his or her position as a representative of the organization. Groups may also be required to provide liability insurance in the amount of $1 million naming the Nevada City Farmers Market as additional insured when appropriate and requested by the Market Manager.

In addition to the NCFMA Rules and Regulations, individuals or groups must follow these additional rules:

  1. Individuals or groups may not interfere with Market operations by aggressively soliciting signatures, donations or attention.
  2. Individual’s or groups’ activities must stay within their booth space. At no time may representatives walk through the Market handing out information or soliciting signatures.
  3. Individuals or groups must accept the space assigned to them by the Market Manager.
  4. Individuals or groups must prominently display its name, bring its own tables and chairs, and must comply with all applicable Rules and Regulations. The NCFMA Rules and Regulations are available on its website,
  5. The NCFMA retains the right to regulate the time, place and manner of activities relating to displays, signs and other expressions of the interests represented. The Market Manager may prohibit the use of “fighting words,” obscenities, grisly or gruesome displays or highly inflammatory slogans likely to provoke a disturbance.
  6. Sale or distribution of a limited variety of items, approved by the Market Manager, related to or in support of participating organizations for fund raising purposes is permitted.
  7. Any fundraising must be approved in advance by the Market Manager.

The Board of Directors has authorized the Market Manager to enforce the above rules. Violation could mean expulsion from the Market. The Market cannot endorse the opinions or positions of any individual or group.