Hola! Tortilla

Rene Sprattling

Rene Sprattling has made a left turn from her years of ceramic work to making fresh tortillas with her fellow clay artists, Carmen Lang. When Carmen, a native of Mexico, invited her to jump in on this new venture, René was excited about the challenge of shifting from clay to dough, and bringing fresh tortillas made with organic ingredients to our discerning and welcoming community. Hola! Tortilla was born.

Carmen Lang

My name is Carmen Lang, I was born and raised in Mexico City. Many years ago I fell in love with a California miner and now I live in Grass Valley. I come from an urban environment and I always thought I could not live anywhere else, until I came here. I’ve been in this area for 10 years, I love the rivers, lakes, the ditches, and its culture, history, and artists. On top of that it is a thriving, self-sufficient community. All this is very good but I thought, there is something missing: Good tortillas. I could make my own but I want you to have good tortillas also, they go so well with the locally grown produce, meats, etc. That is why my partner René Sprattling and I have started Hola! Tortilla.