Lucky 2 b U – Kara Rane

Kara Rane
LOCATION: Rough & Ready, CA

Our Story

We love our community and are so very happy to live on a 6 acre homestead in the little town of Rough and Ready.  Although we have a 44 tree organic heirloom orchard, organic hop yards and plenty of projects, at the Nevada City Farmers Market we offer eco-friendly art and products.  In collaboration with Greenerprinter in Berkeley, Ca. we produce a line of greeting cards called ‘Lucky 2 b U’ and transparent, colorful non-adhesive “better than stickers” known as ‘Cosmic Circles’.  These are printed responsibly with the highest environmental sustainability using vegetable inks and recycled materials all in a local, carbon footprint reduction facility.  We also offer unique, one of a kind paintings on up-cycled wood that can adorn the inside of your home or outside in your beautiful space. The art is designed and created by the hands and heart of Kara Rane. She is inspired by the great creator herself, Mother Nature as well as the vast, sacred mysteries of the Universe.  To us, the Nevada City Farmers Market is about a way of life, where people come together to meet up and celebrate the joy of living in harmony with the Earth.