The James Ranch

The James Ranch


Our small family farm is located on a 200 acre historic homestead that focuses on the holistic management of productive pastures, a sustainable sheep flock and a family enterprise of food production.

We shepherd a beautiful flock of sheep. They prosper on our rolling hills producing sweet, tender meat, an abundance of rich milk, and a medium-fine pure white fleece.

Our farmstead flock is uniquely adapted to our rich habitat. Two hundred acres of lush green pastures, painstakingly managed, have been nourishing our sheep herd since 1981. Creek canyon breezes in the summer, sheltered valleys in the winter, ensure that our sheep and lambs thrive.

Wildlife corridors remain untouched, as do the century-old fruit trees and beneficial vegetation that create a productive environment specific to our historic homestead. As early as 1979 with sustainability as our goal, we were advised by organic consultant Amigo Bob Cantisano. Our sheep have always been raised without hormones and without antibiotics on our family farm. Chez Panisse and other quality restaurants have been enjoying our lamb for three decades and, because of their support, we have been able to continue producing our delicious, succulent lamb. We are able to offer our lamb to individual customers who know they can depend on the highest and most consistent quality of lamb available direct from our small foothill farm.

We will also be harvesting and bringing to market our flowers, berries, apples, pears, citrus, pomegranates and more farmstead bounty.

Farmers: Lance and Gay Columbel; Laura Columbel
Location: Penn Valley
Miles To Market: 15